Putting a Start-up on the Map in Unknown Territory

With a multitude of companies vying for awareness and investor funding in the growing Cannabis market, Gear put CannaKorp and its innovative technology on the map through a comprehensive media outreach strategy targeted to top-tier outlets. Our approach, targeting influential business and industry outlets with numerous creative angles, helped attract investors as well as create interest and demand from patients, customers, and the medical community. The result – CannaKorp, now a titan in this growing space, is positioned as an industry leader and expert.

How We Made a Difference:

  • Generated over 330,000,000 media impressions

  • Coverage includes NY Daily News, CNBC, Tech Insider, Marijuana Business Daily,, PC Mag, Forbes, Forbes Japan, Business Insider and Maxim

  • Secured and pitched demo video to be showcased on The Daily Dot’s official Facebook, which then went viral with over 10.7 million views in 24 hours

  • Client leveraged media rollout to oversubscribe seed round of funding

“Game Changing Inventions you Missed in 2015 -- The CannaCloud, from CannaKorp - a company with two former Keurig executives - creates singleserving vapor clouds at the press of a button. Users can choose their strain and dose from one of the company’s 50 carefully chosen partner dispensaries.”  - Inc.