Headquartered in Boston with a sister agency in New York City, we are true partners with our clients, working together to obtain results that matter.

Jennifer Gear and Connie Swaebe

Jen lives her life “off script” in a constant creative process. Connie draws inside the lines, bringing thoughtful structure to each project. Their perfect pairing brings a systematic originality that is both imaginative and effective. After becoming best friends at Hill and Knowlton in 1985, Connie and Jen joked about starting a business together. 10 years into Gear Communications, they are still each other’s complement and still laughing. Oh, and their clients are really happy too.

Our super-charged energy and creativity is brought to you by a dedicated team of talented people supported by a network of exceptional partners.

Kate NeilsonSenior Vice President

WORKING: 10+ years in Public Relations
PASSIONS: Adventure, travel, spending time with my two sons, being on the ocean and laughing
DEFINING "ME" MOMENT: Circumnavigating the world during a Semester at Sea when I was 20 years old.

Audrey GenestAccount Supervisor

WORKING: 7 years in Public Relations
PASSIONS: Running, Baking Chocolate Chip Cookies, and being a dog mom to Ellie
DEFINING "ME" MOMENT: At 10 years old, I created a ‘press kit’ about Froot Loops made out of construction paper and online print-outs, as a courageous effort to persuade my health-conscious mother to buy me a sugary breakfast cereal. It worked.

Shrutika SnehanathAccount Supervisor

WORKING: 4+ years in Public Relations
PASSIONS: Exploring new destinations, dancing and replicating my mom’s delicious recipes
DEFINING "ME" MOMENT: I loved listening to stories as a kid and would always have an Enid Blyton book in my hand. I took the plunge as the first in my family to enter the media industry only to realize that public relations is all about the art of storytelling, one that I thoroughly enjoy.

Colleen NeubergerAccount Executive

WORKING: 2 years working in media intelligence SaaS Sales
PASSIONS: Interior Design, Pilates and spending time with my family
DEFINING "ME" MOMENT: I knew I wanted a job that allowed me to work with the media from the time I was a little girl. As my mother tells it, from the moment I was 9, the first thing I would do every morning was turn on the TODAY Show and watch with excitement as my mom made breakfast.

Nia CrerarAccount Executive

WORKING: 1 year International Affairs, 1 year Marketing and Public Relations
PASSIONS: Cheez-Its, post-hike cocktails, and saving the planet
DEFINING "ME" MOMENT: When I was 3 years old I was the only one on the dance floor at my grandfather's large work event. I've been doing what brings me joy ever since.

Our Support Staff

“Bring Your Dog to Work Day” is every day. Please excuse an occasional bark on a conference call.

Our Work Home

Our beautiful Victorian is the Gear office, offering a sunny, creative, and fun place to work hard – very hard – and laugh even harder.