Creating a Newsworthy Marathon for an Unknown Fitness Brand

The start-up HOTSHOT was introducing a breakthrough muscle cramp product, but breaking through the crowded fitness category required a revolutionary idea. That’s where Gear came in. Gear showcased HOTSHOT’s scientifically-based muscle cramp prevention and reduction by staging a marathon one week before the Boston Marathon. The race focused on a young woman, Kaitlyn Kiely, who had promised her quadriplegic boyfriend, Matt Wetherbee, that she would one day push him across the Boston Marathon Finish Line. Gear and HOTSHOT helped Kaitlyn keep her promise.

Gear created a HOTSHOT-sponsored event specifically for Kaitlyn and Matt, replicating the Boston Marathon along the renowned race’s 26.2-mile route. Planning involved everything from discussions with the Boston Athletic Association and Boston Police Department to hiring a videographer and creating media assets to branded signage and race day product samples. Pitches went out to the media and the response was overwhelming. Online, broadcast, and print coverage generated over 96 million impressions globally, including a live Facetime call with David Muir of ABC News direct from the Finish Line. After more than 26 cramp-free miles, HOTSHOT was a name everyone repeated and Kaitlyn and Matt were a couple everyone cheered.

How We Made a Difference:

Media Impressions Generated

Print Impressions

Broadcast Impressions

“The Gear team's deep brand understanding, boundless creativity, and exceptional execution were invaluable assets to the HOTSHOT brand as we sought to increase brand awareness within the Boston market and beyond using the Boston Marathon as a tentpole event. They partnered seamlessly with our other agencies and leaned into the brand promise to enable everyday athletes to meet their goals, unhindered by muscle cramps. Gear's vast network of relationships helped bring the concept around Kaitlyn & Matt to life in a way that no other agency could have - from their charitable connections to their ability to secure a Boston Police escort on short notice, they attended to every detail with thoughtful and thorough attention.” Elizabeth Jackson , Vice President, HOTSHOT