A Decade of Growth

For 10 years, Gear has partnered with LA-based T3 to position its award-winning styling products — dryers, irons, and rollers — as essential “must-haves” for consumers looking for the latest and greatest in hair tools/hair trends. Gear created awareness, affinity and word-of-mouth for the brand through a robust influencer program, working side-by-side with scores of celebrity stylists and stylist agencies. These brand ambassadors have shared their personal experiences with T3 products — whether it’s the latest hair tool trend, backstage prep for Fashion Week or a one-of-a-kind red carpet look — enabling Gear to curate content and insert the brand into relevant conversations and key points in time around fashion/style.

How We Made a Difference:

  • Launched and continues to support the brand internationally.

  • Gear’s long-lasting relationships with influential stylists has resulted in:

    • 500 + influencer stylist relationships

    • 450+ placements in top-tier magazines

    • 750+ on-line placements

    • Over 15 billion impressions

    • Activations at leading events such as: Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, Venice Film Festival, Toronto Film Festival, Life Ball, Sundance Film Festival, Coachella and many more

“We are using the new T3 dryer that has just come on the market; it’s the fastest drying time I’ve ever experienced. It’s at least 75% faster than anything I’ve ever used before, it really helps us backstage because we have to make sure we get it all done and get it all done right.” – Orlando Pita, backstage at Derek Lam